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lightIRC is freeware, that means free for use. The sourcecode is not open.
Download (Version 1.3.4 - Build 158 - 27. March 2015)

Important: You need a policy daemon on your server to connect to your own IRC network.
Read why you need that and what a policy daemon is here.

You might want to know about all customization parameters, too!
lightIRC for commercial use? Tired of the copyright inside the client? More information about this.


Version 1.3.4 (27. March 2015):
  • SSL support (parameter ssl, enabled automatically on port 6697)
  • JavaScript method onUserListClick for user list clicks
  • /webcam settings command to open the settings
  • webcamPrivateDefault parameter
  • Allow multiple filters for identifyMessage #637
  • Romanian locale updated #521
  • Fix: Always load runtime shared libraries using SSL #634
  • Fix: Don't display empty topics #641
  • Fix: Allow /whois nick nick syntax
Version 1.3.3 (07. August 2014):
  • Webcam streams can be recorded with parameter webcamRecord=true
  • Added onActiveWindowChange JavaScript callback
  • Fix: IP/Host naming in whois changed #598
  • Fix: User modes were sometimes shown incorrectly #499
Version 1.3.2 (17. July 2013):
  • Added CSS selectors for many message types #285
  • Added JavaScript callback method to parse every outgoing command (parameter loopClientCommands)
  • Added channel and host variables to onContextMenuSelect and onChatAreaClick JavaScript callback methods
  • Added close icon on channel and query buttons #412
  • Added parameters to disable foreground/background color selection in rich text controls popup (parameters showRichTextControlsForegroundColor, showRichTextControlsBackgroundColor) #462
  • Added user information box upon hovering a nickname in the user list (parameters showUserListInformationPopup, userListInformationPopupItems) #424
  • Changed default value for timestampFormat to [HH:mm:ss] (24 hours format)
  • /clear command supports channel or query name as a parameter #459
  • Removed 'have fun' from channel welcome message #406
  • Fix: Channel list would not populate when receiving multiple joins from the same nick
  • Fix: Voice/Halfop items did not always appear properly in the user list context menu #417
  • Fix: Emoticon parsing in nicknames disabled
  • Fix: Channel header CSS didn't work #370
  • Fix: +a channel mode didn't work #434
  • Fix: Colons in messages could misleadingly produce URL hyperlinks #371 #388 #420
  • Fix: Sound wasn't always disableable in the options panel #377
  • Fix: Angle brackets could be used for HTML injections in topics #482
Version 1.3.1 (02. December 2012):
  • userListCustomFormatting supports channels modes (e.g. mode=v) #321
  • Custom timestamp format using parameter timestampFormat #378
  • Fix: Emoticon replacements don't break words anymore (e.g. :Pizza) #383
  • Fix: userListCustomFormatting user list update is enforced when joining a channel #382
  • Fix: Private webcam accept popup does not receive keyboard input anymore #376
  • Fix: Default emoticon transparency improved and glow filter for emoticon popup added
  • Fix: Unexpected behavior when language file could not be found #379
Version 1.3 (22. October 2012):
  • Webcam module with admin features, cam overview, publishers can kick viewers, improved user interface
  • The context menu item "whois" is being removed if you pass whois in blockedCommands
  • The part item in the channel button context menu is being removed if you pass part in blockedCommands
  • Parameter defaultBanmask for the ban popup
  • JavaScript method sendMessageToActiveWindow to add custom messages to the active window
  • Transparent lightIRC background possible (to use the website background in the chat)
  • User icons can be shown in the chat area (showNickPrefixIcons), also for users without modes (like voice, op, ...)
  • The quit message will also be sent if the user simply closes the browser tab (with the help of a JavaScript unload method)
  • Nick list rows are stylable through regular expressions and CSS settings
  • onContextMenuSelect and onChatAreaClick JavaScript methods provide nickname, ident and realname
  • Strip formatting codes for the tooltips in the channel header and list overview
  • Custom security error message usable with customSecurityErrorMessage
  • Changed the chat window text buffer to prevent the client from consuming too much memory
  • Fix: Multiple spaces don't collapse anymore (you often see many spaces in motds for example)
  • Fix: User mode changes did not always show up properly (+vo, then -o)
  • Fix: New query stole the focus, even if showNewQueriesInBackground was set
  • Fix: /away with a single word as a description didn't work
  • Fix: webcamAudio/webcamVideo/webcamPublic/webcamPrivateOnly didn't work with the new webcam module
  • Fix: The webcam admin panel wasn't closable in some cases
Version 1.2.3 (16. February 2012)
  • Added Arabian (ar) translation
  • Parameter showVerboseUserInformation (default false) adds ident and host information for joins, parts and quits
  • Parameter targetFrame (default "_blank") lets you specify the target frame for clicked URLs in the chat area
  • Fix: Focus did jump to channel input if identify password popup was open
  • Fix: Space key did accept webcam requests while typing a message
  • Fix: Errors occured if having webcam enabled without rtmfp parameter
  • Fix: webcamVideoOnly/webcamAudioOnly bug
Version 1.2.2 (09. December 2011)
  • Changes in default CSS files to configure the webcam popup
  • Fix: Application didn't load properly when using different languages
  • Fix: Text area crashed when receiving long messages
  • Fix: webcamChannelBlacklist/webcamChannelWhitelist bug
Version 1.2.1 (29. November 2011)
  • Flex 4 runtime shared libraries included in package
  • Show ban removals in channel when channel central is open
  • Fix: webcamPrivateOnly/webcamPublicOnly bug
Version 1.2 (27. November 2011)
  • Added Finnish, Croatian, Indonesian and Portuguese translations
  • %prefix% in userListCustomIcons will be replaced by q/a/o/h/v or an empty string.
  • setTextInputContent JavaScript method
  • Rejoin button in kick poup
  • Removed Red5 webcam module, added peer to peer webcam streaming
  • Parameters to control webcam behavior: webcamShowOnStartup, webcamPrivateOnly, webcamPublicOnly, webcamVideoOnly, webcamAudioOnly, webcamChannelBlacklist, webcamChannelWhitelist
  • Webcam icon appears on top of the query button if the user is broadcasting
  • To open a channel from the channel list, a double click is needed instead of a single click
  • Removed translation feature because Google does not offer the translation API for free anymore
  • Startup improved, flickering when loading styles removed
  • Fix: Socket read method optimized
  • Fix: Set focus to text input after selecting an emoticon
  • Fix: Message history optimized (up and down cursor buttons in the text input)
  • Fix: IRCX messages partially supported
  • Fix: Button overflow (channels, queries) fixed
Version 1.1 (12. March 2011)
  • Added Hungarian, Czech, Polish and Slovenian translations
  • Server password is not being displayed in plain text anymore
  • Parameter charset makes you able to define a custom encoding (default: utf-8)
  • Parameter iconPath allows to use custom user list icons instead of having @+ prefixes
  • Parameter userListCustomIcons allows you to include own icons for nicknames
  • Parameter contextMenuExternalEvent is now able to take more than one item
  • Various predefined ban masks are now available in the ban popup
  • Away messages are displayed in the active chat window
  • Added /back alias to unset an away state
  • /clear command added
  • Emoticons are not shown in the server window anymore
  • Channel header supports channel and URL links
  • Background image support for CSS stylesheets
  • Ignores are being remembered
  • A click on a nick in the chat area calls a JavaScript method
  • Identify message default value changed to "NickServ:This nickname is registered"
  • Support for mIRC background colors
  • Scrolling for the emoticon popup when having many emoticons
  • The parameters nickPrefix and nickPostfix define what should be shown around a nick in the chat area. Default:
  • The parameter showNickPrefixes indicates whether a nick in the chat area is displayed like this: @nick or +nick (default: yes)
  • Last used nick is being stored when using rememberNickname
  • Menu, translation, emoticons are small popus now
  • Server input can be sent to JavaScript with parameter loopServerCommands
  • Specific commands can be blocked from being entered from the user with parameter blockedCommands
  • Fix: notices in query windows were not shown
  • Fix: fontWeight CSS setting for links didn't work
  • Fix: parameter nickAlternate didn't work properly
  • Fix: ftp:// links were not supported
  • Fix: the chat area scrollbar stopped scrolling down in some cases
  • Fix: +vv mode change did only apply for the first nick
  • Fix: < and > in emoticon codes were not supported
  • Fix: emoticons were shown horizontally flipped due to a bug in Flex 4.1
  • Fix: Removed control key for nick completion as it caused problems when hitting CTRL+V in a query
  • Fix: /memoserv or other commands starting with /me were interpreted as actions
Version 1.0 (04. October 2010)
Far too many news to list, but the most important stuff:
  • Completely rewritten from scratch
  • Supports emoticons
  • Supports text background colors
  • Automatic text input translation
  • Support for CSS stylesheets
  • New parameters to customize almost everything
  • Improved webcam module with microphone only support and private broadcasting
  • External language files and translations to over 20 languages
  • Countless bug fixes and small enhancements
Version 0.9.9 (01 April 2010)
  • Added Greek (gr), Brasilian Portuguese (br), Italian (it), Catalan (cat) and Bulgarian (bg) translations and corrected Turkish translation
  • lightIRC is not accessing an authentication file at anymore. lightIRC 0.9.9 is completely independent and can even work in a local network without internet access.
  • You can omit the # when typing /join channel or /j channel
  • Reduced row height in the user list
  • Removed proxy functionality as it is not running good enough for production environments
  • Parameter nickCentral is now called showRegisterNicknameButton (for the sake of consistency)
  • Parameter nickselectSuggestion is deprecated. If you have nickselect=yes, the parameter nick gets filled in
  • List popup window resizes automatically if there is little space
  • Webcam windows are resizable
  • Code cleanup and some refactoring
  • Fix: Sometimes the chat text did not properly scroll down
  • Fix: Removed white as default background color (skins with background colors didn't work correctly in 0.9.8)
  • Fix: User list got filled incorrectly when performing an automatic reconnect after a connection abort
  • Fix: Topics in list output were not parsed properly
Version 0.9.8 (07 February 2010)
  • Support for TLS1.0 (SSL) connections (beta). Try it with ssl=yes and (e.g.) port=6697
  • lightIRC is compiled in UTF8 from now on
  • Added Polish translation (pl)
  • Translated channel central (more space for longer texts now) and register nickname
  • Param ident (default=lightIRC) defines the ident
  • Param realname ( Flash IRC Client) defines the real name
  • Param quitmsg (default=powered by defines the quit message
  • Param showButtonTexts (default=yes) hides all texts for the buttons in the navigation bar. This is useful if you have limited space where the buttons would overlap each other.
  • Param showRegisterChannelButton (default=no) added. Shows up a panel to register a channel to ChanServ.
  • Param showSubmitMessageButton (default=no) added. Shows a button to submit a typed message.
  • Param showPartChannelButton (default=yes) can hide the leave channel button
  • Support for who messages
  • Added some more numeric replies from specific IRC servers
  • Added the command /clear to remove everything from the current window
  • Input field to change the nickname contains current nick
  • Quit messages get displayed in queries as well
  • Fix: Joining large channels is a lot faster now
  • Fix: Improved regular expression to match URLs
  • Fix: Setting away messages didn't work properly
  • Fix: Show default ban mask in the User Central
  • Fix: Hitting tab to complete a nick while typing a message does not leave the focus anymore
Version 0.9.7 (16. January 2010)
  • Added translations for French (fr) and Albanian (al)
  • Added options panel to manage some local settings. Can be disabled through showOptionsButton=no
  • Added SharedObject support to store options locally. lightIRC will use your old nickname and preferences if you come back
  • Param policyPort lets you define on which port Flash Player should look for a crossdomain.xml (default: 843)
  • Panel to select a nickname pops up again if server sends "nickname in use" (if nickselect=yes)
  • Whois in the User Central looks cleaner now
  • Errors are written to the active window, e.g. "No such nick" messages
  • Switched order of autojoin and perform. Perform will now be executed before joining the channels
  • Added support for part messages
  • If your own nickname gets mentioned in a channel, you receive an acoustic signal and your nick is written bold
  • Default ban bask in the User Central is now *!*@host instead of nick!*@*
  • You can use the variable $me in the perform parameter. This allows things like perform="/mode $me +x" to cloak your hostmask
  • Param newMessageSound is now called soundAlerts
  • Param nickServPass identifies the user to NickServ with the given password
  • Param showListButton lets you hide the button to list all channels on a server
  • Param showJoinPartMessages hides joins, parts and quits in all channels
  • Param showButtonBar=no hides server, channel and query buttons at the bottom
  • Param showRichTextControls=no hides buttons for text formatting (bold, underline, color)
  • Param showNickChangeButton=no hides button to change the nickname
  • Param showTimestamps=no hides timestamps in front of all received messages and commands
  • Param chatAreaClickOnUser has different options (select, central, query). It defines the event that should happen when you click on a nickname in front of a message in the chat area
  • Fix: Old lines in the chat area get dropped if there are more than 500 messages (chat became very slow without this change on verbose channels)
  • Fix: Dates were not correctly displayed in topics and whois requests
  • Fix: Nickchange of your partner while having a query was not updated
  • Fix: Nickchange during login process was not updated internally
  • Fix: Receiving < and > and formatted text in notices were broken
  • Fix: Optimized color rendering and fixed that sometimes URLs were not shown
  • Fix: Special hostnames like user!user@0::ffff: were not supported
  • Fix: First channel gets opened when leaving a channel or closing a query (instead of showing the server window)
Version 0.9.6 (29 December 2009)
  • Added buttons and icons for a better user experience. If you do not like it, the old lightIRC GUI can be restored with showNavigationBar = "no" and showActionsButton = "yes"
  • Right-click menu for the user list offers features to ignore/kick/ban/op/query users with one click
  • The commands /ignore nick, /unignore nick, /ignores make you able to mute people
  • Added translations for Dutch (nl), Swedish (se), Finnish (fi), Romanian (ro), Estonian (ee), Serbian Cyrillic (sr_cyr) and Serbian Latin (sr_lat)
  • Clicking a nickname in the chat area selects that user in the user list
  • Commands can be put into the parameter "perform" and will be executed on connect. Example: "/mode nick +x,/msg nick2 hello"
  • User list does not scroll to top anymore if a user joins or parts
  • Refactored user list sorting algorithm again (much faster in channels with many users and lots of joins/parts)
  • User list in channels is now draggable and can therefore be resized. Initial width can be set through userListWidth to any value >= 130 or 0 to hide the user list completely
  • Font color resets automatically to default if +c is set in a channel
  • Parameter "fontSize" lets you adjust how large fonts in text input and chat area should be displayed. It defaults to 12px
  • Changed the parameter infoLineColorCode to infoLineColor that takes now RGB values: default is #fc7f00
  • New sound for message alert
  • Parameter "doubleClickForQuery" (default: "no") disables the user central and opens a query upon doubleclicking a nickname
  • Fix: Topic overflows the available space
  • Fix: When using /msg #channel or /msg nick the message will not be displayed to the chat area
Version 0.9.5
  • Added more IRC commands (errors and replies)
  • Clicking on a channel in the user central (whois) joins it
  • Typing /query nick opens a query with nick
  • Replaced the action button in channels by a ComboBox
  • Passing % in nicknames (parameter "nick") will be replaced by a random number
  • /j #channel joins #channel
  • /hop typed in a channel parts it and joins again
  • /amsg text sends a message to all open channels
  • Added Hungarian (parameter language = "hu") and Turkish ("tr")
  • NickServ registration popup appears in the actions box when passing parameter "nickCentral" = "yes"
  • Fix: User mode (e.g. +o) gets lost when changing nickname
Version 0.9.4
  • Activation of IRC servers not needed anymore
  • A sound will be played if a new query message is received and the window is not active (can be disabled through newMessageSound = "no")
  • Notices and selected errors appear in the active window (server, channel or query)
  • Nickname isn't displayed as real name anymore
  • Changed font size to 12px in Aeon style and cleaned text input area
  • Added two more styles (BlueTan and Moxy)
  • Fix: Sending notice through IRC command does not work
  • Fix: Chat message does not appear if it contains < or >
  • Fix: Replacement of URLs does not work when combined with custom font color
Version 0.9.3
  • Added multi language support (English, Spanish, German). Parameter language = "en"/"es"/"de"
  • Channel and query buttons don't overflow the window area anymore, but resize if necessary
  • Query buttons appear now always behind channel buttons
  • Setting topic through IRC command fixed
  • Added channel central to manage channel modes, bans and topics
  • Added a form to enter a server password when needed (must be enabled through a parameter (serverPassword = "yes"))
  • Added remove/add half operator function to user central
  • lightIRC supports now custom user prefixes set by the IRC network (owner, admin, op, halfop, voice)
  • Refactored user list sorting algorithm
  • Autojoin fixed (is bound to the end of motd message and wasn't called when no motd exists)
  • Auto reconnect with rejoin of all open channels (default on, can be switched off through autoReconnect = "no")

lightIRC has been developed by Valentin Manthei
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